About Scissor Candy

ScissorCandy’s ™ objective is to give the hairdressing community an exclusive opportunity to cater to the style and taste of youth culture by bringing stylists together in a positive and collaborative environment. Our mission is to assist stylists’ advancement in an extremely populated field by helping them to create a name, a unique identity, and separation based on skill and style. There is a palpable need for these artists to have an outlet in which they can be recognized and published. ScissorCandy™ gives these stylists a platform to display their work and craftsmanship, which can significantly advance their careers. At ScissorCandy™, the most artistic members of the beauty industry gather to share, collaborate, and celebrate the craft and artistry in a local community and on a national platform.

ScissorCandy™ was created in 2008 by a group of progressive hair stylists from Philadelphia. We are a multi-faceted company whose goal is to provide the nation’s beauty industry with an innovative way to express the art of hair design through creative events, multimedia presentations, branded products and more. ScissorCandy™ has produced art gallery shows, product launches, runway shows , photo and video shoots, team-building events and our signature event, Open Chair®. ScissorCandy™ will custom-design a program to suit your company’s marketing needs. Contact us for more information about setting up an event for you, or to get involved in one of are events.

ScissorCandy™ feeds your craving for hair culture. Come inspire and be inspired.

About Open Chair Studio by ScissorCandy™

At the Open Chair Studio we are glad to help you improve your career in any area that you need assistance with. We offer a wide variety of hair cutting classes and hair coloring classes focusing on the latest trends and techniques in the beauty industry. These classes include a wide range of levels to accommodate stylists who are just starting out or veterans in the beauty Industry field looking to further hone their craft. It renews passion, restores focus, improves skills, and helps each stylist approach hairdressing with the absolute confidence to help open the lines of communication with clients and create suitability for each and every individual that takes a seat in your chair.

As an open workshop for those in the beauty industry, the ScissorCandy™ Open Chair Studio offers classes to stylists in the community lead by local and national artists. Stylists will be provided with demos and hands on classes in precision, dry, wet, scissor, razor and clipper cutting with both real clients and with mannequins. The studio also hosts editorial styling classes with photo shoots as a perfect way for stylists to build their portfolio, as well as classes on social media and client consuleation.

The Open Chair Studio is located in Downtown Philadelphia, just blocks from Rittenhouse Square. This central location has a great amount of diversity, allowing us to attain great models to help with the technical training stylists need to excel in the industry. Also nearby is first class shopping, restaurants, nightlife, and hotels for your enjoyment while in town. Public transportation is also easily accessible to and from the studio.

The Open Chair Studio is available for rent by the day for stylists who come to town to work on their clients in their own private work space for bridal parties, VIP clients, or as an editorial space. The space is also available for product manufacturers and distributors to be used for education and training purposes Contact us for pricing...



ScissorCandy™ regularly convenes hairstylists for Open Chair® events. Modeled after a classic “open mic” event where rising musicians perform their art form on stage to a live audience, Open Chair® provides up-and-coming hairstylists the opportunity to demonstrate their freestyle hair-cutting talents on live models that they have never met before in a casual Sunday night social environment. The event spotlights young stylists and provides a public platform for them to shine outside of the confines of the salon. Set to the sounds of the city’s up-and-coming DJs, the stylists become the performers in an unscripted production that energizes, inspires and entertains those who watch it. In addition to hairstylists, Open Chair® events feature makeup artists, models, food and drink specials, and hundreds of guests in and out of the beauty industry.

If you are interested in partaking in a Open Chair® event as a hairstylist, makeup artist, or model. Please feel free to Contact Us..